About Us

We're dedicated to building a platform that the book community falls in love with.

Who we are

We’re just like you. When we’re not busy building Booqsi, we’re curled up with a book in our hand and a cup of coffee within reach. We’re building this platform based on our own experiences within the book community, wishing we had a better place to go online to engage with others about books.

What we're doing

This is the very beginning of the Booqsi journey. What you’re using today is just scratching the surface of our roadmap. Over time, we’ll be rolling out additional features designed to further enrich the experience and bring the larger vision to life.

If you have ideas about what you’d like to see next, we’d love to hear them: ideas@booqsi.com.

Our mission

We’re passionate about nurturing and growing the world’s love of books.

As book lovers ourselves, we know the incredible impact reading can have on our well-being. With Booqsi's focus on community, we hope to surround you with people with a similar love for books, further expanding your joy of reading.

Whether you’re picking up a book for the first time or you’ve already read a hundred books this year, this is a community for you.

Desired impact

We believe improved literacy rates can change the world. Every person should have the opportunity to experience the beauty contained in books.

Booqsi is committed to partnering with charities and organizations focused on improving world literacy rates and increasing access to literature in underprivileged communities.
Support your local bookstores!

Every book in Booqsi has a Bookshop.org link to buy it from a local bookstore in your area.